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Terrace bc dating

These statues were once seated, with names of each god inscribed on them.The heads of the statues have at some stage been removed from their bodies, and they are now scattered throughout the site.

In 62 BC, King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene built on the mountain top a tomb-sanctuary flanked by huge statues 8–9-metre-high (26–30 ft) of himself, two lions, two eagles and various Greek, Armenian, and Medes gods, such as Zeus-Aramazd or Oromasdes (associated with Zoroastrian god Ahura Mazda), Hercules-Vahagn, Tyche-Bakht, and Apollo-Mihr-Mithras.

Radiocarbon dates have been corrected based on current correlations between radiocarbon and tree ring dates. -------------------------------------------------- 13000 BC: Global; End of Ice Age About 15000 years ago the last age ended with temperatures raising several degrees C.

We recognize that many scientists prefer to use "Before Present".(The accuracy of radiocarbon dating is affected by the atmosphere"s changing concentration of carbon 14, which may in turn be affected by climatic cycles. In other words, one should subtract 1380 from the radiocarbon date to determine the BC calendar date.) For an abbreviated chronological index click -------------------------------------------------- 100000 BC: Global; Last Ice Age Ice ages prevail for 90 percent of the time; At 150,000 BC emergence of Homo sapiens (possibly related to conditions during last interglacial? The last ice age beginning about 100,000 years ago. In the Near East, a corresponding northerly migration of mosoon rains, resulting in a kind of "Garden of Eden" in Jordan, Palestine, Mesopotamia.

Over 50,000 poles were manufactured annually to supply many parts of North America with telephone and electric power poles.

The world's tallest pole (50 metres) was cut in Terrace and is currently standing in New York City.

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-------------------------------------------------- 6000 BC: Mesopotamia; Sea level rise in Gulf of Persia, 4000 BC Irrigated society, 3500 BC #488.

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