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Sks dating

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Slim Tim The codes shown here are in a different format, but here is a working link for the Chinese SKS arsenal codes: Howie will see this thread and post his "user friendly" code chart images. Still not sure on this one, appears to be 3x5 or 3x6, not sure what the x digit is though. Got to looking at some others I have, 0146, 0223--though this one is styled differently, and more factory 26. Still, serial number might indicate there weren't too many of these.

Historically, the SKS has much more in common with a M1 Garand feature wise, so it typically “misses” the assault-weapon moniker. Here is his message describing the exact model “Chinese sks Type 56 Factory 306. But no worries, MSNBC will just call it a AR-15 Ghost Gun or some other such nonsense.

But instead, was armed with a much older military surplus SKS rifle. I say typically since I am aware of the aftermarket upgrades and the one factory exception with a 30 round magazine. Specifically I want to zero in on the stripper clips. But while I was away, I called Freeze and said, “Hey!

So in the West, that is erroneously translated as being “worse” than a AK. While not as fast as a magazine change, you don’t have to be a tier-1 ninja to rock that reload pretty damn fast. Get that SKS you have hanging over your bar and shoot some photos”.

As to being military issue, with the original markings scrubbed, it would be hard to tell, however, it was made in a military/Chinese gov't run factory.

Military or not, Chinese made SKS carbines are generally very good quality wise .

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The initials stand for Samozaryadnyi Karbin Simonova, or Semi-Automatic Carbine, Simonov.