Experience in updating website

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Experience in updating website

For guidance in using the new form features, see Add work items to plan and track your project.First off, you'll notice that the form reflects the color of your work item type—bug, user story, or task.Get your favorites fast in the Windows Store, your one-stop shop on your PC, tablet, phone and Xbox One.

Download now from Ge Force.com, or update automatically through an existing installation.See History and auditing for details on the new History tab.Use the new Discussion section to add and review comments made about the work being performed.So it says there are more recent drivers for my GPU and when i click express or custom install drivers (it doesn't matter which as it happens with both), it goes dim, the pointer turns into the processing circle and I can hear my HDD reading/writing. Then when I open it up again, it still says i have new drivers available???I've had this problem for a while and have been putting off posting here or trying to find a fix but this is obviously not a good idea.

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