Amanco engine dating

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Amanco engine dating

The name comes from the speed control on these engines: they are designed to fire ("hit") only when operating at or below a set speed, and to cycle without firing ("miss") when they exceed their set speed.This is as compared to the "throttle governed" method of speed control.

The flywheels maintain engine speed during engine cycles that do not produce driving mechanical forces.Some of the largest engine manufacturers were Stover, Hercules, International Harvester (Mc Cormick Deering), John Deere and Fairbanks Morse.This is a video montage of the Otto engines running at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion (WMSTR), in Rollag, would be invidious to pick out a "best", but Foden's own 1916 five-tonner wagon with centre-pivot steering always appeals to me.Many of the engines were new to this rally and I see that the 1927 Wallis & Steevens roller, once owned by Christopher Jennings, late of , was entered and that Robert Wynn, the heavy-haulage contractors, had brought their 1920 Fowler.

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